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    Pivot Education is a national campaign on the future of education and is open to all who wish to participate. The campaign strategically and organically facilitates school ecosystems--educators, families, students and community members--coming  together to imagine, ideate, and ultimately implement a better plan for their kids.  

    Let us provide clarity around the key ingredients that will contribute to a successful campaign.

    You - You are the most important part of this campaign and your voice will help to pivot education and create a new future for public education. Throughout this national campaign, you will have the opportunity to share your own ideas, as well as comment on and rate other ideas. Ultimately, as a part of the crowd, you will vote on the ideas that will become a part of the new future for public education in this country.

    Crowdsourcing - The most unique and powerful thing about this campaign is the crowdsourcing aspect. If you are unfamiliar with crowdsourcing, visit our Crowdsourcing 101 page. Specifically, this particular crowdsourcing platform is very important. This innovation platform creates a space where people can transparently share and socialize around ideas, and where crowd-based value-rating can be used to identify top ideas and solutions. Throughout this campaign, crowd-based divergent thinking will be combined with crowd-based convergent voting to produce and identify quick solutions and new, innovative ideas. When participants actively view, comment and rate ideas, there is an organic socialization around the ideas. This type of engagement provides incentive and opportunity for the author of the idea to incorporate feedback and new information in order to improve the idea. 

    Pivot Points - There is an unrelenting force that pulls us to return to what we've always known, toward familiarity and comfort. However, we must resist the urge to “do what we’ve always done.” We must identify critical “pivot points” where we can leverage the momentum for change and pivot towards a new future. These “pivot points” are all around us and are key to affecting education at every level: the classroom, school, community and policy level. This national campaign will touch many areas of education and learning, but we recognize the following as core areas of the campaign that will provide the framework for a new future of education. 

    Pedagogy and Instruction - Challenge the current ways in which we educate children by examining the content, process, and products of learning. Consider how current curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices contribute to student growth and deeper learning.

    Learning Environment and Structures - Challenge the current ways in which we design and prepare for learning. Examine the use of schedules, staffing models and roles, location, classroom/learning space design, resources, technology, timelines, and other operational constraints.

    Partnerships - Challenge the current ways in which we engage our school communities in service of children. Consider the boundaries that exist and Identify ways to build and nurture school, family and community partnerships.

    Education Policy - Challenge the current ways in which the existing policy, rules, and laws that govern education affect learning and future-readiness. Examine how core beliefs and values influence regulations and identify points for advocacy.

    The Pivot Team - Composed of partners, collaborators and advisors, the Pivot Team is a passionate group of educators who are responsible for and committed to the year-long national campaign. Disruptors, you might say. The Pivot Team (link to team) will work together to determine “pivot points” throughout the year; relevant topics and better questions that need to be asked. The strategic team recognizes the critical focus on equity and access, as well as the need for the social and emotional well-being of both students and staff. We share these values and do this critical work with these values front and center.  

    Campaign Sponsors - As with any significant campaign, we accomplish much more when we have the support of sponsors. Throughout the course of the year-long campaign, solution providers will provide critical insight to the campaign through their work in education and will discover new ideas through the dialog and conversation that happens around pivot points. They will be front and center of this critical work. Solution providers work tirelessly to solve the current challenges we face in education. And they will be there for us when we pivot. Click here to learn more.

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