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    Topics and themes that appear on this site will evolve throughout the year, resulting in a variety of opportunities to pivot away from the status quo and towards a new future of education. We call these “pivot points”. Pivot points will allow for conversation around some of the highest priority and most pressing issues in public education. Once the Pivot Team determines a relevant and timely “pivot point”, they will pose a question on the Pivot Education site. Depending on the education landscape, and the complexity and depth of the questions that emerge, timelines for each pivot point may run anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks. 

    Each Pivot Point will be framed by a question and introductory text. 

    There will be two distinct phases online; Ideation and Collaboration and Idea Voting.

    Ideation and Collaboration

    The first part of the process is a divergent thinking process called Ideation and Collaboration. Divergent thinking is a process that encourages multiple possible solutions in order to generate creative and innovative ideas. The goal is for participants to read and interact with ideas in order to come up with new ideas. This is fun. 

    Your Job - Submit, "like", and comment on ideas. We recommend that idea owners continue to edit and update their idea throughout this phase, based on the comments and feedback from participants. Ideas will advance based on popularity and idea rating ("likes").

    Idea Voting

    The next phase is Idea Voting. This phase is a convergent process, as the crowd works to converge on, or identify, the best ideas. This is also fun. The Pivot Education campaign will use a voting process called “Pairwise Voting”. At the end of this phase, all ideas will be ranked in priority order and top ideas will be identified. Top ideas from each challenge will be shared across social media.  

    Your Job - Make sure to log in during this phase to voting. Voting is not a single event but a repetitive event where two ideas are presented and you choose the idea that best answers the question posed. 

    Top Ideas and Solutions

    We believe that out of each pivot point will come critical insight and information and that it is the obligation of the campaign team to publish the results to a broader audience. The consensus building power of this innovation platform will provide us with tangible ideas to shape the future of education.

    Your Job - We know that innovation can be lonely. We predict that the Pivot Education campaign could galvanize an army of innovators and provide them with the inspiration and data to push conversation in their own districts.