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    Opportunities for School Districts & Service Centers

    The InnovateK12 team and its collaborators believe that the best way to approach the upcoming year is to find the opportunities for organizational innovation by engaging the people who are working on the frontline. When trust is extended to the staff and the larger education community, the possibilities are endless, and participants will offer a high level of energy and commitment.​ School districts and regional service centers can launch crowd-based ideation events to gather input and ideas to guide implementation of a key initiative (focused challenge), or to identify opportunities for innovation (open challenge). Whether through a focused or open challenge, the very best of 21st century innovation leadership is demonstrated.

    Note: Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds (ESSERF) can be used to cover costs. Contact InnovateK12 if you are interested.

    Launch Your Own Challenge

    School Districts and Service Centers across the country have used the InnovateK12 Innovation Platform to launch a challenge for their staff, students or community. With this option, we will work with you to create one challenge for a stakeholder group of your choice (staff, students, and/or community). A challenge is a time bound event that involves posing a question to your stakeholders. You can launch a challenge to gather input on strategic initiatives or around specific opportunities that arise due to the currency pandemic crisis (focused challenge), or you can launch a challenge to identify opportunities for innovation (open challenge).

    As a result of the pandemic, we are encouraging a nimble and pervasive use of the innovation platform as a way to navigate the challenges that districts and service centers will face as you begin to understand the new normal. If your school district or service center would like to run multiple challenges over the course of the year, or run multiple challenges with various stakeholder groups, InnovateK12 will work with you to create a yearlong, multi-challenge campaign for your district or community.  With this solution, you will be able to engage your stakeholders throughout the year to provide critical input for your decision-making. 

    Contact InnovateK12 for more information.

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