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    Thank you to our Pivot Team

    Composed of partners, collaborators and advisors, the Pivot Team is a passionate group of educators who are responsible for and committed to the year-long national campaign. Disruptors, you might say. The Pivot Team (link to team) will work together to determine “pivot points” throughout the year; relevant topics and better questions that need to be asked. The strategic team recognizes the critical focus on equity and access, as well as the need for the social and emotional well-being of both students and staff. We share these values and do this critical work with these values front and center.  

    Strategic Partners




    At Education Research & Development Institute (ERDI) we work to create a rich and meaningful forum for educational leaders and innovators to collaboratively discuss, design, and shape PK-12 products and services. We are committed to ensuring that all students have access to the highest quality learning experiences, so that they will be productive, ready stewards of the future.




    At InnovateK12, we believe the best path to sustainable school improvement is much closer than you think. Instead of searching for a silver bullet solution, try the strategy that top companies use every day; engage your stakeholders in a process that lets them identify problems and design solutions! The InnovateK12 toolkit builds ownership of the solutions and a culture of innovative, engaged stakeholders. When you launch a district-wide crowd-based ideation event to gather input and ideas to guide implementation of a key initiative, you are demonstrating the very best of 21st century innovation leadership because today's Millennial and Gen-Z employee expects to have this level of voice and engagement in their work.


    Strategic Collaborators




    Strategic Advisors


    Meg Bennett
    School Psychologist/MTSS Facilitator
    Eden Prarie Schools, 
    Eden Prairie, MN
    Jennifer Ferrari
    President, ERDI
    Chicago, IL
    Laura Moore
    Instructional Leader, Research & Design Lab 
    Upper Arlington Schools 
    Jon Corippo
    Chief Learning Officer, CUE
    Walnut Creek, CA
    Sara Florin
    Asst Director of Technology and Innovation
    White Bear Lake Area Schools, 
    White Bear Lake, MN
    Evan St. Lifer
    Advisory Board Member
    Alliance for Education Impact
    David Culberhouse
    Program Manager, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools
    San Bernardino, California
    Anna Higgins
    Director of Innovation
    High Desert Regional Education Center, 
    Bend, OR
    Robb Virgin
    Principal, Eden Prarie Schools
    Eden Prairie, MN
    Kristin Daniels
    Executive Director, InnovateK12
    White Bear Lake, MN
    Scott McLeod
    Associate Professor of Educational Leadership
    University of Colorado Denver, 
    Denver, CO