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    Our Call to Action
    In this time of great unrest, where our entire paradigm has shifted overnight, we are presented with a tremendous opportunity to reposition public education to better ensure that learners are equipped and prepared to learn deeply, contribute meaningfully, and lead in the quickly evolving and unknown future. It is time now to challenge the assumptions we hold of public education and to ask better questions in order to imagine innovative possibilities and more effective outcomes. 

    InnovateK12, in collaboration with ERDI, is launching a collaborative, open campaign on the future of education. We are inviting educators, parents, students and community members from around the country to participate in a crowdsourcing campaign to identify the best solutions and opportunities to “pivot” K-12 education. 

    The Time is Now
    The time is now. We recognize that schools and districts are facing challenges at every level of their respective ecosystems. Add to that the fact that the very essence of our communities is being tested and questioned due to recent divisive events that have roiled our nation. But there are also great commonalities across our country that we share when it comes to public education, and those include our mutual ambition to help ALL students succeed. The ramifications of the Covid 19 epidemic, combined with the racial strife that is testing the diverse fabric of our communities, require us to pivot away from the status quo. It is now more important than ever before, to involve ALL of our stakeholders in conjuring and designing a new more flexible and equitable learning experience for ALL of our students. Here are the three critical pivot points needed to begin.

    Pivoting on who is a part of the conversation.
    So often, a small group of people lead and execute strategic planning, especially in response to crisis. We must ask ourselves the question, “Who is not in the room?” Whose perspective and expertise are we missing? What approaches are we not considering? Divergent thinking is advantageous during times of innovation and the Pivot Education campaign is open to everyone.

    Pivoting on changing the questions we are asking.
    As human beings, our sociology pulls us to return to what we've always known, toward familiarity, habit, and comfort. However, we must resist the urge to “do what we’ve always done.” Therefore, we need to ask questions that help us pivot away from the status quo. Questions that are not solving solutions to old problems. Questions that might make us feel somewhat uncomfortable.

    Pivoting on how we arrive at the solutions.
    It is paramount that we cultivate and harvest feedback and deep input from diverse perspectives in order to improve ideas. The best solutions are identified by consensus (value rating) from the crowd, confirming the power of collective voice.

    Our pivot initiative allows the community to take stock of and current challenges, anticipate emerging challenges, and creatively ideate to think differently and boldly about education. By creating an open campaign for all stakeholders to participate, we are creating a new and revitalized national narrative, in order to galvanize and guide our collective commitment to creating the innovative and equitable education that we must guarantee that every child receives.

    Be an Avid Participant
    The Pivot Team, composed of partners, collaborators and advisors, is a passionate group of educators who are responsible for and committed to the year-long national campaign. Disruptors, you might say. The Pivot Team will work together to determine “pivot points” throughout the year; relevant topics and better questions that need to be asked. The strategic team recognizes the critical focus on equity and access, as well as the need for the social and emotional well-being of both students and staff. We share these values and do this critical work with these values front and center.  

    We have identified four pivot points to launch this campaign. You will find them listed below.