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    Opportunities for Education Organizations and Solution Providers

    Now more than ever, the future of public education will rely on all facets of the education community  coming together, thinking strategically, and cultivating meaningful change. Solution providers and education organizations play a critical role as collaborators, thought-partners, and sponsors. InnovateK12 has provided a number of ways below, for solution providers and district partners to support schools’ critical efforts to convert their best ideas into actionable innovations. For more information, contact InnovateK12

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    Join the Pivot Team

    Share your expertise and talent by contributing to our team. 


    Strategic Partners
    Companies and enterprises that are vital contributors to the school district ecosystem have an opportunity to support the campaign by sharing naming rights for issues that resonate with their respective mission and brand. They will partner with Strategic Collaborators and Expert Advisors to make key decisions regarding the campaign. All data insights and analysis will be available to Key Sponsors.
    Strategic Collaborators
    Forward-thinking organizations that will work with Key Sponsors and Expert Advisors to identify themes and questions each quarter. They will provide critical campaign messaging to their networks and receive monthly data insights from the campaign.
    Strategic Advisors
    Individuals with expertise in specific challenge domains will share their  valuable insights and knowledge to strengthen the overall campaign. Strategic Advisors will play a critical role in shaping the framework of the year-long campaign and assist in crafting meaningful and engaging questions for innovation.


    Become a Campaign Sponsor

    Offer support and resources through sponsorship. 


    Year-Long Campaign Sponsors
    Provides an extended  opportunity for sponsors to avidly participate in, and thus obtain valuable intelligence from, the  year-long open campaign on education. This annual sponsorship will last for the duration of the campaign. Sponsors will have logo placement on the main/top campaign page, further cementing their brand identity and association with issues critically relevant to education leaders.
    Theme Sponsors
    This open campaign on education will be organized by specific education themes chosen by the Key Sponsors and Advisory Board. Themes will run quarterly and will include 2-5 challenge questions throughout the quarter. Sponsors will have logo placement on the top page of a campaign theme.
    Challenge Sponsors 
    A rare opportunity to acquire valuable market data by embedding in the challenge their own challenge question or short-list of challenge questions most relevant to their respective business, service, or area of expertise. Sponsor will retain all data related to this challenge question. Sponsors will have logo placement alongside their challenge question, helping them further establish and  promulgate a brand identity and association with the challenge subject.