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    Pivot Education or Pivot Education Campaign


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    Pivot Education is a collaborative, open crowdsourcing campaign on the future of education. All educators, parents, students and community members from around the country are invited to participate in order to identify the best solutions and opportunities to “pivot” K-12 education.



    The time is now. Schools and districts are facing challenges at every level of their respective ecosystems. The ramifications of the Covid 19 epidemic, combined with the racial strife that is testing the diverse fabric of our communities, require us to pivot from the status quo. It is more important than ever before, to involve ALL of our stakeholders in conjuring and designing a new more flexible and equitable learning experience for ALL of our students.


    There is an unrelenting force that pulls us to return to what we've always known, toward familiarity and comfort. However, we must resist the urge to “do what we’ve always done.” We must identify critical “pivot points” where we can leverage the momentum for change and pivot towards a new future. These “pivot points” are all around us and are key to affecting education at every level: the classroom, school, community and policy level.


    The most unique and powerful thing about this campaign is the crowdsourcing aspect. The Pivot Education platform is a space where people can transparently share and socialize around ideas, and where crowd-based value-rating can be used to identify top ideas and solutions. Throughout this campaign, crowd-based divergent thinking will be combined with crowd-based convergent voting to produce and identify quick solutions and new, innovative ideas. When participants actively view, comment and rate ideas, there is an organic socialization around the ideas. This type of engagement provides incentive and opportunity for the author of the idea to incorporate feedback and new information in order to improve the idea. 



    You are invited to participate in Pivot Education, a collaborative, crowdsourcing campaign on the future of education. The goal of this campaign is to use the “wisdom of the crowd” to identify the best solutions and opportunities to “pivot” K-12 education away from the status quo. The Pivot Education campaign will run through the 2020-21 school year. Participants can create an account at Once registered, participants can submit, comment and vote on ideas. The crowdsourcing platform will use all input from the crowd to identify top ideas. These tangible ideas will be shared by campaign partners to shape the future of education.

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