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    YOU are the most important part of this campaign and your voice will help to pivot education and create a new future for public education. Throughout this national campaign, you will have the opportunity to share your own ideas, as well as comment on and rate the ideas of others. Ultimately, as a part of the crowd, you will vote on the ideas that will become a part of the new future for public education in this country. Click here to learn how.

    Schools, Districts, or

    Service Centers

    Get your community involved in the Pivot Education campaign!


    OR, launch your own campaign!


    The InnovateK12 team and its collaborators believe that the best way to approach strategic planning is to find the opportunities for organizational innovation by engaging the people who are working on the frontline. When trust is extended to your staff, students or your larger education community, the possibilities are endless, and your stakeholders will not only be more informed but will offer a high level of energy and commitment.​ 


    School districts and regional service centers can launch crowd-based ideation events to gather input and ideas to guide implementation of a key initiative (focused challenge), or to identify opportunities for innovation (open challenge). Whether through a focused or open challenge, the very best of 21st century innovation leadership is demonstrated. Click here to learn more.

    Education Organizations

    and Solution Providers

    Now more than ever, the future of public education will rely on all facets of the education community coming together, thinking strategically, and cultivating meaningful change. Solution providers and education organizations play a critical role as collaborators, thought-partners, and sponsors. Innovate K-12 has provided a number of ways for solution providers and district partners to support schools’ critical efforts to convert their best ideas into actionable innovations. 

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